Biotechnological laboratories

The professionals who operate Graphisoft Park, in addition to developing high-quality, custom-made business environments, possess specialized expertise in designing biotechnological laboratories.

The first biotech companies in the Park was Comgenex, and in 2007, the newest research lab was built for Servier, the French pharmacological firm.

“Impressive Delivery: On Time AND within Budget”

“Servier, the French pharmacological company, came to Hungary to establish its first research and development facility outside of France. The company’s top executives were impressed by the way Graphisoft Park professionals were able to deliver these very complex laboratories to fit our very exacting needs, while meeting tight deadlines and keeping to a strict budget.”

Dr. Gábor Blaskó
Member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Former Director General, Servier Research & Development Zrt.
“I’m Proud to invite them to our R&D Headquarters at the Park”

“As a representative of both the Hungarian Association for Innovation and Thales Nanotechnology, I frequently meet with the heads of major corporations such as Boeing Aerospace. I am always proud to invite them to our Budapest R & D headquarters, at this architecturally marvelous Graphisoft Park.”

Dr. László Ürge
Vice President, Hungarian Innovation Association, CEO, Thales Nanotechnology Zrt.