Building "B"

Building "B"
Building "B"

Architect: Ferenc Keller, Épitész Stúdió Kft.
Gross area: 1667 m2
Completed: 1998

Like Building A, this structure was designed by Ferenc Keller; its visual style is quite similar. The façade displays the same red-brick, villa-like concept as in the “G” office complex, but with a more elongated shape. In designing the interior, the architect sought to ensure that each of its three levels could be leased separately. This is achieved by including a landing at each level of the single-flight staircase.

Tenants in Building "B"

BaseWalk Kft.
Donaldson Kft.
Magyar Gáz Tranzit Zrt.
Neteera Technologies Europe Kft.
Nuage Kft.
Waters Research Center Kft.