Building "I"

Building "I"
Building "I"
Building "I"

Architect: Zsuzsanna Ilyés-Fekete, Tamás Kun, Péter Sugár, RADIUS B+S Stúdió 
Gross area: 3000 m2
Completed: July 2017

Graphisoft Park’s pavilion-like, distinctive and transparent reception building fitting well into its surroundings with its light structure and glass façade.
Its classic triple division, propped first floor following Corbusier’s principles, its continual glass façade and its panoramic retracted upper floor communicates visually and functionally with its surroundings. It is a pronounced gateway to Graphisoft Park, whose arcades invite visitors to the inner spaces of the ground floor, and the workplaces are in direct connection with the surrounding greens. Its technical solutions are innovative and environmentally friendly, providing high cost efficiency to its tenants.

Tenants in Building "I"

Autrotrade Ltd.
Brinicle Lab Kft.
Budai Egészségközpont Kft.
Granaco Kft.
Graphisoft Park Engineering & Management Kft.
Graphisoft Park Ingatlanfejlesztő Kft.
Graphisoft Park SE
Graphisoft Park Services Kft.
Innomine Group Kft.
Mendasset Magyarország Kft.
Netpositive Kft.
Pharmahungary Group
PremierOne Consulting Zrt.
RTG Vállalati Felelősség Kft.
SynergoCom Kft.
Tarkett Polska Sp.z.o.o.
Tecton Építészmérnöki Kft.
Thriveo Central Europe Kft. (Tom Hagen Company)
vintoCON Kft.
Zyxel SEE