Building "S1"

Building "S1"
Building "S1"

Architect: László Szász, Erzsébet Hajnády, Tamás Kuzniarski, Stúdio 100 Architects
Gross area: 24,547 m2
Completed: October 2006

The first of the Park’s buildings to include a three-level underground garage. Though the building size does not warrant such a large garage, the objective of preserving the Park’s green landscape requires that as many cars as possible park underground.

In locating Building S, a primary consideration was that it should not obstruct the view of existing structures. The façade is designed in module fashion, using a dense brick veneer whose windows seem to be cut out of the wall. For the exterior, the architects used a color that differed from most of the Park’s buildings – nevertheless, Building S fits in nicely with the surrounding development.

Tenants in Building "S1"

A.I.D Kft.
Coffee Shop - Hurák Mónika
Hummus Bar Kft.
NAO Kft.
Odometer Kft.
SAP Hungary Kft.