Graphisoft Park SE registered as a SZIT

Graphisoft Park SE registered as a SZIT

Pursuant to the articles 55-56 of the Act 120 of 2001. on capital markets and to order 24/2008. (VIII.15.) of the Ministry of Finance on the rules of information duties regarding publicly traded securities Graphisoft Park SE makes the following extraordinary announcement on the registration of the Company as a SZIT.

The Company and its project subsidiaries were registered as regulated real estate development companies (SZIT) by NAV (the national tax authority) as requested, effective January 1, 2018, and the regulated real estate developer
pre-company status was terminated at the same time.

The SZIT status affects the following companies within the group:
Graphisoft Park SE
Graphisoft Park South I. Kft.
Graphisoft Park South II. Development Kft.
Graphisoft Park Ingatlanfejlesztő Kft.
Graphisoft Park Services Kft.

The tax authority informed the Company of the above electronically.

Done in Budapest, on February 13, 2018
Graphisoft Park SE