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2017 Oct 17

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2017 Oct 13

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Half-yearly Report 2017
2017 Aug 7

 Half-yearly Report 2017 H1

Graphisoft Park Group

Graphisoft Park SE was established through a demerger from Graphisoft SE European Company on August 21, 2006. The purpose of the restructuring was to spin off a new company, dedicated to real estate development and management. The shares of the company have been traded on Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) since August 28, 2006. Graphisoft Park SE operates as a holding company and provides accounting, HR and other administrative services to its subsidiaries.

The real estate development is performed by Graphisoft Park SE’s main subsidiary, Graphisoft Park Kft., while Graphisoft Park Services Kft., formed in December 2008, is responsible for the operation of the Park.

Graphisoft Park Kft’s responsibility is to provide real estate development services to the Aquincum Institute of Technology (AIT-Budapest). For Graphisoft Park does not plan to engage in education itself, an agreement with AIT-Budapest Kft was entered into in 2009. In accordance with that agreement AIT-Budapest is responsible for organizing, initiating and operating the higher education institution, while Graphisoft Park contributes by providing real estate development to the project. AIT-Budapest pays current market rates for its lease at all times to the company. The close cooperation between the companies was instituted to find synergies between education and the business needs of Graphisoft Park tenants. On April 21, 2009, Graphisoft Park Kft. acquired a 10% minority stake in AIT-Budapest.

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