Investor relations

Graphisoft Park Group

Graphisoft Park SE was established through a demerger from Graphisoft SE, a software developer company, on August 21, 2006. The purpose of the restructuring was to spin off a new company, dedicated to real estate development and management. The shares of the new company are traded on Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) since August 28, 2006. Since that date Graphisoft Park received BSE’s recognition for the most transparent companies, the Issuer Transparency Award, several times.

Obtaining the SZIT status, which is the Hungarian equivalent of the widely-known REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) concept, necessitated the next major restructuring of the group. The SZIT status allows the company to claim a host of tax benefits, including the exemption from corporate income tax and local income tax, and among other provisions the law mandates the distribution of 90% of the profit annually among the company’s shareholders.

Starting from 2018 the group is restructured under Graphisoft Park SE, a holding company, into the following list of entities with their separate sets of responsibilities in order to maintain full compliance with the SZIT regulations: Graphisoft Park SE, holding company with the 6 members Board of Directors and the group’s CEO. Under the holding company the wholly owned subsidiaries are

  • Graphisoft Park Ingatlanfejelsztő Kft., owner of the buildings within the core area of Graphisoft Park,
  • Graphisoft Park South I. Kft., owner of the southern area developed in 2018,
  • Graphisoft Park South II. Kft., owner of the southernmost development area,
  • Graphisoft Park Services Kft., facilities management and services provider to all tenants of the Park,
  • Graphisoft Park Engineering and Management Kft., which manages the real estate development process on the entire area of Graphisoft Park and provides administrative services to all other subsidiaries within the group.

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