It’s a feeling you get

Graphisoft Park covers a green landscape of 18 hectares, directly on the Danube River, across from the largely undeveloped natural terrain of Ship Factory Island. Only twenty percent of Graphisoft Park's territory is built up. The rest, the gorgeous park-like landscape, has been meticulously planned and maintained to blend in with the natural beauty of the riverbank and achieve a pleasing harmony between nature and the man-made business environment.

“Where trees grow taller than the buildings”

“The facilities are surrounded by open landscape, where the trees grow taller than the buildings. The multi-level garage is underground, so your overall impression is not of a sea of cars, but of a green expanse. The lake in the middle of the Park, and the nature preserve on the island just across from the Park, adds to the natural atmosphere, as of course does the peaceful walking path along the Danube.”

György Szloszjár
Garten Stúdió, Landscape Design