Owner-Built and Operated

At Graphisoft Park, our philosophy is to think in the long term. In every development, our priority is to use modern, high-quality and long-lasting materials and technologies. Since we do not sell our buildings, maintaining their high quality is in our own best interest, as well as that of our tenants. Our tenants’ satisfaction and their long-term commitment to staying in the Park are proof that our philosophy works.

Development and Operations Under One Management

At our company, those responsible for development and for operations work on one and the same team. We use our architectural know-how to improve operations, while our experience in running our office buildings comes in handy when planning additional structures.

Tenants at Graphisoft Park do not run into the unpleasant situation where the operator blames a malfunction on long-gone developers. And tenants reap other benefits from having the office space developed and maintained by a single company: it’s easy to communicate with us; we get things done thoroughly and on time; and we pay attention to detail.

Ideal Office Setting

Creating an attractive workplace while making maximum economic use of the space is a tall order; finding the right balance between these requirements can be critical to a firm’s success.

At Graphisoft Park, we assist new and existing tenants alike in designing the optimal use of space and in meeting each firm’s individual needs. Our experienced professionals are at your service, for no extra fee, to plan your office space and oversee its implementation.