Preserving history, building the future

Since Graphisoft Park lies on the territory of the former Roman settlement of Aquincum, every development project begins with an archeological dig. As a result, the nearby Aquincum Museum has gained many valuable artifacts, but some relics remain on our grounds to adorn the walkways and lawns. In addition to these remains from antiquity, architectural monuments from the 19th and 20th century are a strong stylistic influence.

Between 1913 and 1984, this territory was the home of the Obuda Gas Works. The unusual materials, colors and shapes of the remaining buildings – which are listed as industrial landmarks – are a delight to every architect, and their inspiration is evident in the newly built edifices.


“In all of its developments, Graphisoft showed exemplary regard for preservation and for the area’s archeological heritage. The relics uncovered on the Park’s territory have contributed to our body of knowledge and to our museum’s collection.”

Dr. Sándor Bodó
Budapest Museum of History

“While planning Graphisoft Park, I was inspired by the modernist architectural traditions of the early 20th century ― a style with a sense of humor and poetry, low-key yet so enjoyable.”

Ferenc Cságoly
Építész Stúdió, architect of the Park’s original buildings and its landscaping concept