Return on investment

Renting one square meter of office space at Graphisoft Park costs, at most, 5 Euros more per month than the same space in an average-quality building at a cheaper location. We did the maths: the extra cost of renting space here, per employee, is roughly equal to 3% of the full cost of employing a software engineer. I asked my colleagues if they would move to a different office space in exchange for a three percent raise. They were unanimous: no way. Then I asked our new hires: why did they decide to work for Graphisoft? And nearly all of them mentioned the Park as a key factor in choosing us. 

Gábor Bojár
Graphisoft R&D Founder and Chairman of the Board

”Moving to Graphisoft Park was a turning point”

“For our company, moving our headquarters to Graphisoft Park was a turning point. Since we came here, our clients and partners definitely take us more seriously, and doors that we had knocked on earlier in vain are now open to us. Meanwhile, our company has grown: we had six employees when we came here, now there are 20 of us.”

Krisztián Törő
Director, Innovent Consulting Kft.
“My company became an attractive ACQUISITION”

“For the headquarters of Comgenex, my biotech/pharmacological research company, I chose Graphisoft Park, because the conditions and infrastructure meet the standards of the best business parks I’ve seen in the U.S. Within a short time, we had become an attractive acquisition target, and I know for sure that this site, where we held our negotiations, was partly responsible for the price we got. With my partners, we invested our income from the Comgenex sale in ThalesNano, which is devoted to nanotechnology, and in Comergen, which researches alternative energy sources. It goes without saying that both companies are located in Graphisoft Park.”

Dr. Ferenc Darvas
Founder, ComGenex, ThalesNano and Comergen