Steady growth

Originally, Graphisoft Park was built in 1998 for the software engineering firm Graphisoft, which develops ArchiCAD®, one of the world’s most popular architectural software packages. Graphisoft believed that providing the world’s best architects with the world’s best software would be possible only if the company itself could operate in a first-class architectural environment.

Within a few years, several other high-tech firms rented space at the Park, attracted by its unmatched location, exceptional design and superior services. Due to continuous growth in the Park’s development, in 2006 the Graphisoft real estate division split off from the software division to create Graphisoft Park SE, a public European corporation listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange.

The growing number of tenants, in turn, spurred the Park to further development. In addition to Microsoft and several smaller companies, SAP’s international research division chose Graphisoft Park as its Hungarian headquarters. The first biotech companies also arrived (Comgenex), and in 2007, the newest research lab was built for Servier, the French pharmaceutical firm. At present, about 80 companies operate in Graphisoft Park, with more than 4000 employees and 1000 students. 

The professionals who operate Graphisoft Park, in addition to developing high-quality, custom-made business environments, possess specialized expertise in designing biotechnological laboratories.

“not even top silicon valley firms have headquarters like these”

“In 2003, I was tapped to be CEO of Graphisoft R&D in Budapest. Originally, I had planned to move the company’s global headquarters to California, but when I saw Graphisoft Park, I gave up those plans on the spot. Not even the best Silicon Valley companies have their headquarters in such a beautiful, hospitable location.”

Dominic Gallello
CEO of Graphisoft R&D, 2003—2008
“success is GUARANTEED”

“As the director of our office in Munich, I always try to get our German clients to come to Budapest for our meetings. Any time we do meetings at Graphisoft Park, I know that a successful outcome is practically guaranteed.”

Johannes Reischbock
General Manager, Graphisoft Deutschland GmbH