Tailor made offices

Office space is tailored to meet the needs of our tenants. At the same time, we make sure that the new buildings blend in harmoniously with the existing structures, and with the neighboring industrial buildings of the former Gas Works.

Our tenants provide input on technologies and materials, and we ensure, at no additional charge, that their own equipment is installed during the construction phase. This way, the office is ready for occupancy the very same day it is completed.

“I designed THE BUILDING TO match the company”

“I knew from the start that the building (S1) I was designing would be the headquarters of SAP Research and Development. I had two assignments: to design a building customized for the company, and to see that the building harmonized with its surroundings. The floor plan areas exceed 2000 square meters on each level, but thanks to our chosen configuration, the structures have the character of smaller buildings. In setting up the interiors, I made sure that the space was divided into distinct areas of various sizes, to correspond to the company’s organizational structure ― the various departments and teams, and their working relationships.”

László Szász
STÚDIÓ’100 Architects, designer of the SAP building

“What I like best about our office is that the work areas and community areas flow into each other. You can hold a productive meeting sitting on a park bench, or on the leather couches near the coffee maker, but conference rooms with high-tech equipment are also available. The office has a lot of variety and is easily rearranged as needed, yet it’s still friendly and home-like. To sum it up: this environment inspires creativity.”

Levente Csányi
Product Designer