Leading businesses ― especially those in R&D and other creative, demanding fields ― know that their success depends on attracting, motivating and retaining the best professionals. Because once you get the best people working for you, winning in the marketplace is easy.

The race to attract the most talented workforce is just as fierce as the battle against competing firms in the market. And, just as offering the cheapest price for your product does not guarantee that you will beat the competition, offering the highest salary is no guarantee that you will get the best talents. Because the best are interested in more than just money. They are interested in challenges, in high performance, and in being recognized for their achievements. Moreover, for them working environment makes a big difference ― after all, this is where they spend much of their life. In this regard, Graphisoft Park gives you a crucial edge.

Graphisoft Park is a spin-off from Graphisoft R&D, a software development company founded in 1982 that has become a world leader with its architectural design software, ArchiCAD®. Therefore the founders of Graphisoft Park know what kind of environment an R&D company needs. So this Business Park has been built by its first inhabitants. Its mission is to offer an environment that helps its businesses attract the most talented, most ambitious employees. Job applicants entering the Park for their interviews are bowled over: what a great place to work. As for long-time employees, they cannot imagine heading for work at any other place than Graphisoft Park.

Gábor Bojár
Chairman of the Board
János Kocsány
“In 2004, SAP decided to open a new research and development center in Budapest. The decision to choose Budapest had a lot to do with the atmosphere at Graphisoft Park and the quality of its services ― we figured that demanding environment would attract demanding employees. Now, a couple of years later, we know we were right.”
Ádám Dudits
Executive Director, SAP Labs Hungary
“Microsoft Hungary was Graphisoft Park’s first tenant, after Graphisoft R&D itself. At our company we have to justify every single expense, so it wasn’t easy to convince our top executives in Seattle to rent space at a premium. But as soon as they laid eyes on the Park, we knew we had won. For several years now, Microsoft Hungary has received the “Best Workplace” award, and Graphisoft Park is one big reason why.”
László Drajkó
CEO, Microsoft Hungary