Tenants’ Introduction

We have optimized the Park primarily for the needs of companies engaged in research and development and other creative work. Among our tenants there are the Hungarian headquarters of global technology companies and the flagships of the Hungarian IT industry, but also smaller start-up companies and the giants of the future.

It is not usual to move away from the Park, any company that moved here continues to grow here as well. Our current tenants, including their legal predecessors, have been operating in the Park for an average of 13.5 years.

SAP Hungary Kft.

SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, helping companies of all sizes and in all industries run at their best: 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system. Our machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced analytics technologies help turn customers’ businesses into intelligent enterprises. 

Our tenant: since 2005

N building, S building, SP1
Microsoft Magyarország Kft.

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. 

Our tenant: since 1998

M building
Graphisoft SE

Our mission at GRAPHISOFT is to empower your team of building professionals with advanced technology and accompanying know-how to help fulfill your mission: to create great architecture. 

Our tenant: since 1998

G building
Canon Hungária Kft.

Canon Inc. has been one of the world's most renowned and beloved brands in imaging technology and services for over 80 years. The range of products and services expands from cameras through home and office multifunction printers and high-performance scanners to commercial printers, complemented by softwares and solutions. 

Our tenant: since 2002

Hx building
Digic Pictures Kft.

DIGIC Pictures is a 17-year-old animation studio based in Hungary that has made its mark in the world with its high-end 3D animation and visual effects for feature films, commercials, and the video game industry. Since DIGIC’s 17-year-old formation, we have created commercial trailers and cinematics for major well-known video games like Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Final Fantasy, etc. 

Our tenant: since 2014

Hy building, Hz building
IBS International Business School

In cooperation with its strategic partner, The University of Buckingham, IBS produces flexible, motivated business people who perform efficiently and think flexibly in the challenging environment of global business. 

Our tenant: since 2014

U1 building, U5 building, U6 épület
Silicon Laboratories Hungary Kft.

Silicon Labs is the leading provider of Silicon, Software and Solutions for a smarter, more connected world. It is a Global Semiconductor Company, headquartered in Austin, with more than 1,500 employees worldwide. The Budapest office is a Research and Development Center with over 20 years of experience and operation.

Silicon Labs provides significant advantages in performance, energy efficiency, connectivity and design simplicity. It`s technologies enable customers to transform industries and improve lives. It has a diversified product portfolio: Internet of Things, Infrastructure, Broadcast and Access. Solutions for Smart home, Smart industry, Hybrid and Electronic Vehicles and Data Centers.

Our tenant: since 2011

Microsec Zrt.

Microsec Ltd., a medium-sized company headquartered in Hungary, is an active participant in the IT market since 1984. The firm has a prominent role in Public Key Infrastructure based electronic signature solution developments, online user authentication, delivery systems, encryption, and various Trust Services. 

Our tenant: since 2004

Servier Kutatóintézet Zrt.

Servier established its Research Institute of Medicinal Chemistry, dedicated to original drug discovery in Budapest in 2007. The activities of our Research Institute are an integral part of the research of Servier, and together with our French colleagues we have succeeded in a number of research projects, especially in the field of cancer and diabetes. 

Our tenant: since 2006

Mb building
AIT - Budapest Kft.

Aquincum Institute of Technology (AIT-Budapest) was established by the successful Hungarian software entrepreneur, Gábor Bojár, to provide an exceptional study abroad experience to North American undergraduates in IT fields. AIT brings together globally-acclaimed scholars, designers, and entrepreneurs to provide an inspiring academic program with small classes that emphasize interactivity and creativity. AIT’s home is an historical factory building in Graphisoft Park repurposed to meet and exceed the needs of a contemporary educational institution. 

Our tenant: since 2010

U3 building
Angel-Audit Kft.

Audit, overall accountancy service, IFRS accountancy vocational counsel, international tax counsel, firm representation in magisterial cases, inner check furthering audit work, EU competition financial auditor works. 

Our tenant: since 2019

Startup house
ArchiFM International Ltd.

Tungsarm Innovative Solutions Ltd, the latest acquision of Tungsram Group, is the owner of ArchiFM, a software with history and experience of the past two decades. ArchiFM is a facility and property management software which offers a cutting-edge solution that is unique not only in Hungary, but all around the world. 

Our tenant: since 2005

Startup house
BiXPERT Tanácsadó Kft.

Enabling efficient data analysis is our mission and our passion. We are proud to support the largest hungarian companies for more than 15 years in understanding their data, enable them to make smarter and faster decisions and run their business more efficiently with our world's leading technological solutions and expertise. We offer the most advanced, most innovative solutions to our customers, let them discover new opportunities in their untapped data asset. Cooperating long-term with our customers, we create real business value with our innovative and intelligent solutions. We believe, that it is more important to have less, but better quality information, than a big mass of raw data. 

Our tenant: since 2015

D building
CAD Projekt Ltd.

Since 1998 we have been developing additional solutions, carefully tailored to the needs of Archicad users. With our applications we provide practical and sophisticated answers to our customers' requirements.

We view the development process of our solutions as a joint effort with our clients. Wherever necessary, we improve our software systems through continuous feedback.

Our aim is to make our users’ work more efficient, by easing repetitive, difficult tasks for a liberated design experience.

B building
ChemPass Kft

ChemPass Ltd was founded in 2016, January by three managers experienced in pharmaceutical R&D and product development. The aim of the company is to develop and market AI-based innovative and chemically intelligent software, that optimize small molecule candidates for phama and biotech companies. The lead optimization program simulates and automates the thinking process of med-chem experts. Moreover, ChemPass has developed an AI-assisted discovery platform that can significantly automate the design and selection processes thereby reducing cycle and project overall timelines, and providing a coherent scoring system throughout the project. Recently the company has been providing lead discovery services as well as making preparations for its own project portfolio.

Our tenant: since 2017

Startup house
Co&Co Designcommunication Kft.

With more than 20 years of experience, Co&Co Designcommunication continues its prominence in both the Hungarian and international creative industry. Our main profile is business-oriented product development spanning from conceptualizing to the actual, physical execution. To achieve this, we provide complex brand building and integrated communicational support.

Our company and work was rewarded with several locally and internationally recognized awards. Outstanding amongst those are our 5 Red Dot Design Awards in Product Design, achieved by no-one else in the country. Not to mention our IF Design Award, and all 14 Hungarian Design Awards, given by the Hungarian Design Council. Our professional work convinced the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office to give us the Millennium Award in 2019.

Our colleagues helped to conceive several award-winning communication projects, recognized by the juries of festivals such as the Effie, Golden Drum, Arany Penge, Prizma and Hipnózis.

C building
Crayon Magyarország Kft.

Minősített szakemberekből álló globális csapatunkkal tervezési, racionalizálási, optimalizálási, üzemeltetési és fejlesztési szolgáltatásokkal támogatjuk ügyfeleinket IT infrastruktúrájuk életciklusának bármely pontján.

Segítünk adatokra épülő és költségcsökkentő döntéseket hozni, hozzájárulunk ügyfeleink sikereihez a digitális világban.

Bérlőnk: 2022 óta

Startup house
Cube Café
A long-held dream of ours has come true: a café we put all our hearts and souls into, where each little detail is paid careful attention to, and where classic choices can walk hand in hand with more modern and gourmet flavors.
DesignSolar Hungary Kft.


The installation of solar systems have many benefits such as cover electricity consumption and electricity bill reduction. Only a few people think about that, the solar panels protect the roof from environmental influences and during summer is less direct sunlight under the solar roof surface, which is itself provides a more favorable climate in the property. It is not negligible advantage of reducing our ecological footprint. Ordinary households reduce in average 800 kg of CO2 the load on the nature, if they choose to produce an alternative way of their electricity consumption. So you can see the solar systems not only represent a cost savings, but also environmentally conscious thinking.

Startup house
Donaldson Kft.

Donaldson Kft provides industrial solutions for compressed air, process air, gas and liquid filtration. 

Our tenant: since 2002

B building
dr. Istvánovics Éva

Bank-, és tőkepiaci szakjogász, adatvédelmi szakértő, MKIK választottbíró

Bérlőnk 2022 óta

I building
DS Smith Packaging Hungary Kft.

DS Smith is a European leading packaging company of customer-specific packaging with emphasis on state-of-the art packaging design and local service close to customer facilities. With a product portfolio that includes transit packaging, consumer packaging, displays and promotional packaging, customised protective packaging and industrial packaging, DS Smith answers to each market requirement.

Our tenant: since 2011

Hx building

EDT-ONE provides engineering services in product development, project planning, simulations and digitization. With a proven history of providing benefits to our clients; we implement viable solutions to improve manufacturing processes, reduce operating costs and optimise productivity. 

Our tenant: since 2019

Startup house
EMG Group Zrt.

Europa Media Group Plc is a group of SMEs active in EU research and innovation projects and in training and capacity building on EU project development and management. 

Our tenant: since 2006

D building
Equinox Consulting Kft.

Equinox Consulting offers professional strategic, organisation development and project management consultancy services for enerprises, churches and organisations of the Public and civil sector. 

Our tenant: since 2008

Ma building
Europa Media Innovations
Europa Media Innovations is the newest member of Europa Media Group, providing innovation management and strategy development services, including assistance in open innovation, Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe strategy support for public and private organisations, funding mapping aid for startups, SMEs and scaleups, and high-level financial consulting.
D building
FeliCITY-Tools Kft.
FeliCity Ltd. is an innovative software house focusing on producing tools to support the mitigation of environmental challenges. Its decision support tools, that combine technologies like GIS and BIM with thermal simulation, represent the belief that global issues need to be tackled by making optimal decisions taking multiple scales into account; from buildings through cities to regions.
D building
Fourth Ltd.

Our company was established in 2005 with the aim of exclusive representation of international cosmetic brands in Hungary.
By now, fourth.company (Fourth Kft., Fourth GmbH, Fourth s.r.o.) became a privately owned distibutor company group in Central Europe, which distributes cosmetic, household and food brands, well taken care of by an enthusiastic staff. Our partners are mainly multinational chains and local wholesalers.

 Our tenant: since 2023

I building, Startup house

We deliver actionable, objective insight to executives and their teams.

Our expert guidance and tools enable faster, smarter
decisions and stronger performance on an organization’s most critical priorities.

B building
Geonardo Kft.

"GEONARDO" is a combination of 'geology' and 'Leonardo', which represent the early sectoral focus of our company when it was founded, and the technological ingenuity and innovation of Leonardo da Vinci. Today, our team's expertise spans across the broader fields of energy, environment and sustainable development, and our mission is to solve complex societal challenges by providing cutting-edge solutions.

D building
Haworth Hungary Irodabútor Kereskedelmi Kft.

We at Haworth design and manufacture product solutions that help you create inspiring spaces. The breadth and strength of our portfolio forms the foundation for creating Organic Workspaces, to keep your business nimble and make the most out of your investment. We’re your partner in transforming space, no matter where you’re located. 

Our tenant: since 2010

Hy building
Hilti Hungária Szolgáltató Kft.

Hilti stands for quality, innovation and direct customer relationships resulting in about 250,000 individual customer contacts each day. Based in Schaan, Liechtenstein, the company has 30,000 employees around the world who contribute to making construction work simpler, faster and safer while inspiring customers every single day with technologically leading products, systems, software and services. The strategic objective is sustainable value creation through market leadership and differentiation. The company supports society and environment equally to actively pursue a better future both within and outside of the core business area. The company’s values of integrity, courage, teamwork and commitment are demonstrated every day in its interactions with team members, partners and customers.

Kboss.hu Kft. (Számlázz.hu)

Számlázz.hu is one of Hungary’s leading providers of cloud invoicing solutions with over 900,000 customers who have issued more than 480 million paper and electronic invoices to date. Operating since 2005, the company provides NAV (National Tax and Customs Administration) compatible online invoicing services, and is associated with the introduction of e-invoicing in Hungary and the implementation of the first Hungarian business fintech solution called autokassza. 

Our tenant: since 2017

D building
Linistry Zrt.

Linistry is a digital queue management solution which helps customers reserve their spot in the queue both on-site and off-site (from any location via phone) and turn the otherwise idle waiting time into active time. Linistry redirects customers to online channels if and when that is preferred. 

Our tenant: since 2020

Startup house
Media Networks Kft.

The main profile of the company since 2000 is the realization of projects based on sophisticated system integrator tasks representing high added value. Our services are unique through the combination of advanced, up-to-date broadcast, telecommunications and computing expertise. Nowadays we are well known not only in the television sector but in other related areas such as the telecommunications or news agency market and also have been involved in the successful execution of several large-scale projects. 

Our tenant: since 2010

D building
Mercator Medical Kft.

Mercator Medical S.A. Hungarian branch has been operating since 2005. It is located in Budapest. It distributes disposable medical devices and personal protective equipment in Hungary, and has sales representatives who monitor the local market. Alexander Lyczba is responsible for the organisation of the branch. The Hungarian branch’s clients are hospitals, clinics, private medical and dental surgeries, medical and chemical wholesalers, and food processing plants. 

Our tenant: since 2019

A building

More and more of us are longing to return to nature. This longing brought NanoHouse to life.

NanoHouse has selected its partners through lengthy research and conscious selection and its own nano-house collection will be introduced soon.

Space, experience sustainably. NanoHouse.

I building
Netpositive Kft.

Netpositive Ltd. is a Hungarian IT company providing a wide range of application development and online communication solutions as well as new media services. 

Our tenant: since 2010

Startup house
Organic Soft Kft.
For neary 20 years we have been helping the digital transformation of domestic and foreign banks. Millions of users rely on our work when they take care of their everyday financial matters. Employing the best of our experience and knowledge, we created the Organic Platform, a bank card-free, fast, safe and comfortable electronic payment method.
B building
Pharmahungary Group

Pharmahungary Group is a group of R&D companies developing novel in-house R&D projects for valorization as well as providing innovative preclinical and clinical R&D services.

Our tenant: since 2009

Startup house
PremierOne Consulting Szolgáltató Zrt.

It's been a few years we introduced ourselves as developers of management information and financial budgeting solutions. As we are data scientists we worked hard on business use cases of forecasting with machine learning. Applying machine learning methods we can have far more accurate results than manual forecasting. This can result higher margin, lower cost and more focus on the key performances. We found that if we combine the internal sales and procurement drivers with - for instance - weather forecast data, we can predict the demand more accurately. This method can be used in other field of business like energy production, quality management and logistics. 

Our tenant: since 2012

Startup house
REAL School

REAL School Budapest is an international school for sustainability for children ages 6 and up. The School’s mission is "to inspire and empower the next generation to dream and build a beautiful world". This is recognised by the Blue Circle award for Sustainability bestowed by COBIS (Council of British International Schools). REAL School is also a COBIS Patron's Accredited Member school, having been quality-assured against a strict set of standards and recognised for offering a high-quality British education. Learning is project-based at the School, with a “REAL” methodology, which stands for Relevant, Entrepreneurial, Art-filled Learning. REAL School is a not-for-profit institution.

Our tenant: since 2019

U2 building
Shop Market Kft.

A Shop Market Kft. a számítástechnikai, parfüm és szépségápolási piac egyik központi szereplője Magyarországon.

Célul tűztük ki, hogy versenyképes árainkkal minél több vállalkozás sikeréhez hozzájáruljunk és folyamatosan bővítsük választékunkat, partnereink igényeihez igazodva.

Ügyfélkörünk megtartása és növelése érdekében, arra törekszünk, hogy a legideálisabb kondíciókat garantálhassuk vevőink számára. Nagy hangsúlyt fektetünk a személyes kapcsolatokra, melyben jelentős szerepe van szervezeti felépítésünknek és kiemelt ügyfélkapcsolati rendszerünknek.

D building
SOCO System EED Kft.

Production and distribution of end-of-line packaging and material handling machines: case erectors, case sealers, stretch film wrapper machines, palletising robots, conveyor systems, complete packaging systems. 

Our tenant: since 2008

A building
Soulware Zrt.

CRM-en alapuló, személyre szabott üzleti logikát építünk fel közép- és nagyvállalatok számára, hogy vállalkozásuk magasabb szintre léphessen. A megoldás központi eleme a világ egyik legmegbízhatóbb nyílt forráskódú ügyfélkezelő szoftvere, a SuiteCRM/SugarCRM. A nyílt forráskódú üzleti alkalmazások szakértőjeként Magyarországon mindenkinél többet tudunk a SuiteCRM/SugarCRM-ről, amelynek továbbfejlesztésével a program képességeit jelentősen kibővítjük és összehangoljuk további nyílt forráskódú szoftverekkel.

D building
SquareLine Kft.

Development of unique UI technology and related services.

UI/UX design, Software development, Embedded UI

Hy building
Startup Europe non-profit Kft.

Founded in November 2018, Startup Europe Central Eastern Europe (SECEEN) and Startup Europe Western Balkans Networks (SEWBN) focus on reinforcing the tech entrepreneurship ecosystems of their regions.

D building
Swicon Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Zrt.

Our company had been primarily focusing on the career development of IT and Finance professionals in the recent years via outsourcing and leased workforce-services. We believe that market players are distinguished by their quality of service and customer support attitude. Our ultimate goal is to assist our job seekers in identifying and realizing the most suitable professional challenges and opportunities, where they can thrive, and thus improve their standard of living and be a useful member of our society. We value our Aspirants! 

Our tenant: since 2010

Ma building
Tarkett Polska Sp.z.o.o.

At Tarkett we help create great spaces. We are committed to delivering an easy customer experience by sharing our customers’ needs, offering our expertise and being obsessed with execution. We offer one of the largest portfolios of flooring and sports surface solutions, and we share with our customers our expertise in multiple market segments. We believe in “Doing Good. Together.” and we are committed to building a healthy, circular economy. 

Our tenant: since 2017

Startup house
Tégla Studio - Ceramics Studio

Tégla Studio – Ceramics studio in Graphisoft Park

You are warmly welcome to attend the creative evening ceramics courses for adults in Tégla Studio in the double container in front of Building U4 as of 6 September.  Classes are held on Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 6pm to 9pm. The studio’s tutors speak English. Please, register on the facebook page of Tégla Studio or via email at [email protected]

U4 building
ThalesNano Nanotechnológiai Kutató-Fejlesztő Zrt.

ThalesNano is an innovative technology driven R&D company, a world leader in the field of developing eco-friendly and efficient laboratory size benchtop flow reactors used in the chemical industry. With a vast technology and appliance instrument portfolio, we are present in 75 countries, selling 15 different reactors and are proud recipients of two innovation prizes in both the U.S. and Hungary. 

Our tenant: since 2009

B building
Xdroid Informatikai és Szolgáltató Kft.

Xdroid is a software development company focusing on solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Xdroid’s founders have a solid technological and educational background in the field of machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and large-data processing as well as in management and business development. Xdroid’s mission is to provide the best-of-breed artificial intelligence–based solutions and algorithms for its clients in the international market. Xdroid has built strong partnerships with consultancy and system integration companies during the previous years. Xdroid’s core algorithms are working in various speech analytics, predictive analytics, and industry-specific software in many companies. 

Our tenant: since 2018

C building

Yoga Park is one of the most exclusive yoga studios in Budapest. Our belief is that yoga is not only a lifestyle but an active sport that fuels up, regenerate, detoxicate, and balance your body and mind. Hence once you check out our schedule you will find instructors with various backgrounds and styles: traditional yogi, dancer, physiotherapist, as well as fitness trainers. Our infrastructure is high standard: two beautiful and air-conditioned practice rooms, modern toilettes, and showers await you here.
Apart from yoga classes our studio also provides international yoga teacher training, yoga workshops, and domestic and international retreats.

Our tenant: since 2018

Startup house

A YUXTA Energy egy dinamikusan fejlődő, Costa Rica-ban, a világ egyik legboldogabbnak tartott országában megalapított nemzetközi vállalat. Nagyszerű, elkötelezett csapatunkkal Costa-Rica-i központunkban minden egyes nappal növeljük hatásunkat a megújuló energia hasznosítás és a fenntarthatóság terén. Célunk, hogy az üzleti potenciálunk a profit öncélúsága helyett az emberi közösségeket és a bolygónk javát szolgálja, mivel hisszük, hogy így tudunk a legjobban válaszolni a jelen korunk legnagyobb kihívásaira.

Startup house
Zyxel Networks A/S

Focused on innovation and customer-centricity, Zyxel Communications Corp. has been connecting people to the internet for nearly 30 years. We keep promoting creativity which meets the needs of customers. This spirit has never been changed since we developed the world's first integrated 3-in-1 data/fax/voice modem in 1992. Our ability to adapt and innovate with networking technology places us at the forefront of understanding connectivity for telco/service providers, businesses and home users. 

Our tenant: since 2010

Startup house
A.I.D. Kft Térkép
A13 Bisztro Kft. Térkép
ABO Energy Hungary Kft. Térkép
AIT - Budapest Kft. Térkép
Alapítvány a Magyar Természettudományos Oktatásért Térkép
Ambimass Kft. Térkép
ANG Engineering Ltd. Térkép
Angel-Audit Kft. Térkép
APCOM CE Kft Térkép
Applied EV Hungary Kft. Térkép
APPZEE MEDIA Hungary Kft Térkép
ArchiFM International Ltd. Térkép
Archimage Plusz Kft. Térkép
Arco-s Kft. Térkép
AroMax Zrt. Térkép
ARTREA Consulting Tervező és Tanácsadó Kft. Térkép
ASSA ABLOY Hungary Kft. Térkép
Atridome Ingatlan Kft. Térkép
Audentes Tanácsadó Kft. Térkép
B.N.B.A. Holding Zrt. Térkép
BaseWalk Kft. Térkép
Bellatrix Luxury Ltd. Térkép
BinX Zrt. Térkép
BiXPERT Tanácsadó Kft. Térkép
Borsa Ügyvédi iroda Térkép
Brinicle Lab Kft. Térkép
CA Technologies Hungary Kft. Térkép
CAD Projekt Ltd. Térkép
Calmind Ltd. Térkép
Canon Hungária Kft. Térkép
CETIN Hungary Kft. Térkép
ChemPass Kft Térkép
Co&Co Designcommunication Kft. Térkép
Crayon Magyarország Kft. Térkép
Cube Café Térkép
DACHS Hungary Kft. Térkép
DesignSolar Hungary Kft. Térkép
DHG Service Center Kft. Térkép
Digic Pictures Kft. Térkép
Donaldson Kft. Térkép
DPC Consulting Kft. Térkép
dr. Istvánovics Éva Térkép
DS Smith Packaging Hungary Kft. Térkép
EDT-ONE Kft. Térkép
Első Nemzeti E-Sport Szövetség Térkép
EMG Group Zrt. Térkép
ENKOR Kft. Térkép
EPC Hungary Kft. Térkép
EPC Hungary Ltd. Térkép
Equinox Consulting Kft. Térkép
Equinox Tender Kft. Térkép
EU Motorsport Kft. Térkép
EU Motorsport Service Kft. Térkép
Europa Media Innovations Térkép
EUROSPORT (Frame Production Kft.) Térkép
FeliCITY-Tools Kft. Térkép
Fortinge technology Ltd. Térkép
Fourth Ltd. Térkép
Future Trading Kft. Térkép
Gartner Térkép
Geonardo Kft. Térkép
Gondol.hu Tanácsadó Bt. Térkép
GPSmart Kft. Térkép
Grafi Bisztró Kft Térkép
Graphisoft Park Engineering&Management Kft. Térkép
Graphisoft Park Ingatlanfejlesztő Kft. Térkép
Graphisoft Park Services Kft. Térkép
Graphisoft SE Térkép
Grohe Hungary Kft. Térkép
Grupo Marketinnova Hungría Kft. Térkép
Haworth Hungary Irodabútor Kereskedelmi Kft. Térkép
Hikvision Hungary Kft. Térkép
Hilti Hungária Szolgáltató Kft. Térkép
Hydro Extrusion Hungary Kft. Térkép
i-Tango Kft. Térkép
IBS International Business School Térkép
Innonest Software Kft. Térkép
Innostudio Zrt. Térkép
iSTYLE Hungary Kft Térkép
Itil-Pro Kft. Térkép
Kboss.hu Kft. (Számlázz.hu) Térkép
Kincses Kamarás Kft. (South Café) Térkép
Körétterem Kft. (South Bistro) Térkép
Kuube Hungary Kft. Térkép
Linistry Zrt. Térkép
MAP HANTERIN Architects&Engineers Co. Ltd. Térkép
MassProm Kft. Térkép
Matrix Audit Kft. Térkép
Matrix Materials Kft. Térkép
Media Networks Kft. Térkép
Mendasset Magyarország Kft. Térkép
Mercator Medical Kft. Térkép
metalPRO HUNGARY Kft. Térkép
Microsec Zrt. Térkép
Microsoft Magyarország Kft. Térkép
MultiNet'96 Szoftverfejlesztő és Rendszertervező Kkt. Térkép
Nanohouse Térkép
Netpositive Kft. Térkép
Ökotej Zrt. Térkép
Omega Digital Kft. Térkép
Organic Soft Kft. Térkép
Pécsi Sörfőzde Zrt. Térkép
Pécsi Sörfőzde Zrt. Térkép
PetChef Hungary Kft. Térkép
Pharmahungary Group Térkép
Pingpong terem Térkép
PIRCAD Kft. Térkép
Planteen Food Kft. Térkép
Polgar ACRO Kft. Térkép
PremierOne Consulting Szolgáltató Zrt. Térkép
Pro Concept Automotive Zrt. Térkép
ProConcept Tanácsadó Kft. Térkép
Promedica Healthcare Hungary Kft. Térkép
PTechnology S.R.L. Magyarországi Fióktelep Térkép
REAL School Térkép
SAM Headhunting Hungary Ltd. Térkép
SAP Hungary Kft. Térkép
Servier Kutatóintézet Zrt. Térkép
Shop Market Kft. Térkép
Silicon Laboratories Hungary Kft. Térkép
Skyboard Média Kft. Térkép
SOCO System EED Kft. Térkép
Soulware Zrt. Térkép
Space Cosmetics Zrt. Térkép
SquareLine Kft. Térkép
Startup Europe non-profit Kft. Térkép
Swicon Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Zrt. Térkép
SynergoCom Kft. Térkép
Szauer Bisztró Kft. (Infood ) Térkép
Tarkett Polska Sp.z.o.o. Térkép
Tecton Építészmérnöki és Tanácsadó Kft. Térkép
Tégla Studio - Ceramics Studio Térkép
ThalesNano Nanotechnológiai Kutató-Fejlesztő Zrt. Térkép
Titan Media Kft. Térkép
TrendEn Kft. Térkép
Under Controll Kft. Térkép
Vantage Towers Zrt. Térkép
Vill-Land Kft. Térkép
Waters Kromatográfiás Ker. Szolg. Kft. Térkép
X-Chem Zrt. Térkép
Xdroid Informatikai és Szolgáltató Kft. Térkép
YOGA PARK Kft. Térkép
YUXTA Kft. Térkép
Zyxel Networks A/S Térkép
  • Address:
    1031 Budapest,
    Záhony utca 7.
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    +36 1  815 3400
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With inquiries about available offices please contact
János Kocsány, CEO
[email protected]
+ 36 20 661 2401