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The workplace is not just a place for work. We are social beings, and the need for being part of a community is fulfilled for many in their workplaces, and especially for the most talented among us. That is why we feel it is important to know what services make the Park more than just a place to work, what kind of restaurants and cafes are there for example, where the most creative ideas can come to life during spontaneous conversations and what kind of community-building recreational programs are aimed at enriching our Life in the Park.


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21-25 September 2020

⭐Thanks to this wonderful autumn and also due to the current situation caused by Covid19 many of our classes are relocated from indoor to outdoor.  At the same time, we have launched our live stream classes for those who wish to join our practice at home. For an updated timetable please click HERE.

This week we are launching our first Woman Yoga Circle. This is a 10-session long series of practice, designed for women who wish to focus and strengthen their feminine energies. These sessions are easy to follow also for non-Hungarian speakers. The first session will be on 22nd Sept at 18:00 and afterward every week at the same time. For more information please contact Kata at +36205421022.

⭐For those who wish to go for a detox training, our brand new class is kicking off this Thursday at 9am, led by one of the most influential Hungarian yogis: Gauranga Das. For registration please click HERE.

New statues


Graphisoft Park was enriched with two new interesting statues: we inaugurated Lab by Sebestyén Márffy and  Metamorphosis by Benedek Barabás:

Creation and connection.

Servier, thank you!

Farmers' Market


We regret to inform everyone that the Farmers' Market is temporarily closed. Scheduled reopening: March 2021



The first rehearsal of our newly formed choir will be held on October 5, 2020 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm in the Summer Hall under the "Körétterem".

Choir leader: Soma Lozsányi

If you feel like joining us, please send an email to:

Film shooting


All day on September 24, 2020, there will be a film shooting at Building D. Anyone who hasn’t seen why it takes half a day to record a 3-minute scene can now watch it.

With inquiries about available offices please contact
János Kocsány, CEO
+ 36 20 661 2401